It sounds like you spend a lot of time with a chainsaw and tree felling? What is the allure?

I use a chainsaw to cut logs for firewood. I spend more than six hours a day operating a chainsaw, and produce more than ten tons of firewood per month.  It is very intensive labour, but it is my favourite part of my job.

What is it you are so fond of using a chainsaw, and what model is your favorite?

Many are afraid of jobs that require handling a chainsaw, but I think that felling trees is such a great opportunity to learn all kinds of things.  I strongly encourage women to give it a shot. Personally, I use a 550xp and I think that it is a great machine that is light enough for me to use easily.


What is your most memorable cut?

My most memorable cut was the very first time I picked up a chainsaw and felled my first tree in the snow. I was thirty three, and I had my infant baby with me.  The image of the tree kicking up snow as it slowly fell to the ground left a deep impression on me and it was an emotional experience as well because it made me think deeply about the fact that a tree is a living thing same as I am.

Something else you likes to add?

Although Japan is a timber producing nation with 66% of its land area covered in forests, this resource is not being managed effectively.  There are also very few people whose lifestyles reflect a passion for wood. Everyday my desire is to spread the use of wood biomass fuel in our region and to encourage people to develop a passion for wood.