Top-handle chainsaws are the perfect choice for professional users and arborists. In this article, Husqvarna will explain why this type of chainsaw might be the right choice for your application.


Top-handled chainsaws are suitable for professional, full time use. They’re designed for working in trees by trained arborists. Appropriate certification of competencemust be provided before any top-handled chainsaw can be purchased or used.

If you’re looking for a domestic or garden chainsaw, please review our guidance on choosing the best chainsaw for your needs.

The primary difference between a top-handle chainsaw and other saws is the movement of the rear handle to the top of the chainsaw, which allows operation with one hand when needed. They are incredibly light (the Husqvarna T540XP is just 3.9kg), very compact and have incredible balance.

As these professional chainsaws are designed to be used at height, users should be competent climbers. Arborists are often climbing to get to the highest parts of tree. The lightweight design and manoeuvrability of top-handled saws mean that arborists can reach difficult spots while still working safely and efficiently.

Traditional, rear handle chainsaws, are more suitable for use on the ground and should not be used at height.

In short – if you’re an arborist or professional chainsaw user – a top-handled chainsaw could be for you.

Husqvarna’s arborist chainsaws also have a number of features that arborists and professional users will find appealing:

  • Comfortable grips, in varying sizes, to provide maximum control.
  • Techlite bars, which are 18% lighter than a conventional bar, help aid manoeuvrability.
  • Strong safety features, including belt eyelets and strop attachment point.
  • Air injection, which reduces wear and the need for filter maintenance.
  • Low vibration technology using the 2 mass principle.
  • Unique X-Torq engines which reduce emissions by 75% and improves fuel economy up to 20%.
  • Autotune engine which compensates for air filter condition, fuel mix, altitude and weather conditions to maximise performance.

Don’t forget that when operating a top-handle chainsaw you’ll need to ensure that all safety equipment is used correctly and regularly inspect your chainsaw to maintain performance.

In the UK this includes, by law wearing a range of personal protective equipment to prevent injury while working both off the ground and while using a powerful chainsaw:

  • A safety helmet.
  • Eye protection.
  • Hearing protection.
  • Appropriate gloves for the task.
  • Leg protection.
  • Protective boots.
  • Non-snag outer clothing, although high-visibility clothing is recommended.

Arborists and tree surgeons will find that Husqvarna top-handled chainsaws are the very best in the industry. Designed with the professional in mind, Husqvarna have created a lightweight, balanced saw with low vibration and excellent safety features. The Husqvarna T540XP is the ultimate high-end top-handle saw.

A battery top-handle chainsaw is also available, the T536Li XP. This professional saw is powered by a 36V battery and provides petrol performance without the petrol cost.