Limbing thick branches

A different work technique is used for limbing thick branches than that used for thin branches. This applies to leaf trees and other trees with thick, extensive branches. The working technique often matches the technique used for crosscutting. In order to avoid splitting and the guide bar pinching, it is important that you use the [...]

Why Choose a Top-Handle Chainsaw?

Top-handle chainsaws are the perfect choice for professional users and arborists. In this article, Husqvarna will explain why this type of chainsaw might be the right choice for your application.   Top-handled chainsaws are suitable for professional, full time use. They’re designed for working in trees by trained arborists. Appropriate certification of competencemust be provided [...]

Interview: Mayumi Ishimura

It sounds like you spend a lot of time with a chainsaw and tree felling? What is the allure? I use a chainsaw to cut logs for firewood. I spend more than six hours a day operating a chainsaw, and produce more than ten tons of firewood per month.  It is very intensive labour, but [...]

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